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Spiritual Gifts: The Three R’s – Tongues and Interpretation

by fccshelbyville

August 5, 2012; Acts 2:1-13   I am fairly confident in assuming that the spiritual gifts we study today have never been practiced in our church. This morning, as we continue with the Revelatory gifts, we come to the gifts of tongues and interpretation, which are linked together, as I Corinthians 14:28 says If there is […]

Spiritual Gifts: The Three R’s – Prophecy and Discernment

by fccshelbyville

Matthew 24:3-5 Prophecy and Discernment  If you could know one thing about the future, what would you choose to know? We are fascinated by the future.  The Left Behind series of books have sold over 70 million copies, with seven of the sixteen titles reaching number one on the New York Times bestseller lists.  I’ve […]

Spiritual Gifts: The Three R’s – Leadership

by fccshelbyville

  Setting aside the politics of the healthcare ruling – if that is possible – think for a moment about the gravity of making such a decision.  We can say a lot of things about the Supreme Court’s decision, but being one of the individuals responsible for that decision is a position of incredible pressure. […]

Spiritual Gifts: The Three R’s – Encouragement

by fccshelbyville

   I was sitting at an intersection the other day when another vehicle pulled up beside me.  It was one of those intersections where the light takes a long time to change.  I noticed a couple about my age occupied the other vehicle.   He was sitting in the passenger seat, so I had a good […]

Spiritual Gifts – The Three R’s

by fccshelbyville

   There are some people who possess extraordinary abilities.  A classmate of mine in college is a concert-level pianist.  I would marvel at his ability, and though I haven’t heard him play in years, I imagine he has increased in his ability.  He is the kind of person we describe as possessing a real gift. […]

Spiritual Gifts: The Three R’s – Pastoring

by fccshelbyville

In seminary some years ago one of my professors offered a piece of reality when he told us – 5% of your congregation will think you can walk on water.  Another 5% of your congregation will think you don’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain.  The other 90% just want to […]