Sermons from December 2013

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December 22, 2013 – Christmas Hope


Romans 8:18-25; Matthew 2:6 For your Christmas enjoyment, here is a little humor.  A man walked into a jewelry store to buy his wife a Christmas present.  The clerk showed him a number of nice pieces of jewelry, and he said, those are all very nice, but can you show me something cheaper?  She selected several […]

December 15, 2013 – Christmas Grace


Isaiah 11:1-6; Jeremiah 31:3, 13b One summer early in my high school years, when I attended church camp, one of our counselors gave us a challenge to read four chapters of the Bible every day.  He said if we would read four chapters a day it would help us greatly in our faith and in […]

December 8, 2013 – Some Thoughts for Advent


Isaiah 9:2, 6-7 As we enjoyed the first Sunday of Advent last week, I found the music, the readings, and all the service to be very moving.  At one moment, as I watched the flame of the first Advent candle, its vulnerability struck me as representative of the vulnerability of our lives.  There are so […]

December 1, 2013 – Two Very Different Kings


Matthew 2:1-8 Two Very Different Kings  One of Mark Twain’s classic stories is The Prince and the Pauper.  The story centers upon two young men.  The first is a young man named Tom Canty, a poverty-stricken young man who lived in London with his impoverished family.  The other is Prince Edward the VI, son of […]