Sermons from August 2016

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August 28, 2016 People – You Gotta Love Them!

Earlier this summer I was part of a conversation that turned to the foibles and frustrations of people. We’ve all had those conversations, haven’t we? It might be about people in general or it might be about one person in particular who makes our lives difficult. In the course of the conversation someone made the […]

August 21, 2016 Having A Good Heart

How many gardeners do we have here this morning? I am so sorry that you can’t find a better hobby. I am not a gardener. I think my reticence about gardening came from my early experience at I learned at an early age that I was not much of a farmer. My family moved to […]

August 14, 2016 Unity

I am continuing to follow what I have referred to as connecting points upon which to build my messages. This week, my message us titled Unity, which is a word that I have heard so much lately. Throughout the summer people from around the community and among my network of connections have asked to speak […]

August 7, 2016 Following God

I’ve always enjoyed a road trip. Whether by air or by car, I love the idea of hitting the road, striking out on a trip, and the sense of being free and anticipating the adventure to come. Two Sundays ago, I picked Tanya up at the airport in Louisville as she returned home from a […]

July 31, 2016 A Question of Judgment

There are some passages of Scripture that are so well-known that most people can quote the verse even if they’ve never picked up a Bible. Today’s is such a passage. Except that it is generally misquoted. It’s misquoted because most people leave out the second part of the verse. By the title of this message […]