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December 21, 2014 The Gift of Hope


If I asked you to name the essentials of life, what would they be? What is absolutely necessary for people to live? We would probably begin with a list of the tangibles things that we need, such as food, water, shelter, and clothing. As much as we are dependent upon those tangible items there are […]

December 14, 2014 A Spiritual Road Trip


December 14, 2014 Luke 2:1-7 After speaking about the same old, same old last week I felt compelled to report that when I stopped at a couple of restaurants I did, unfortunately, order the same old, old (Monday morning report – I am pleased to add that after church I did order something new. Maybe […]

December 7, 2014 Defeating the Same Old, Same Old


December 7, 2014 Matthew 2:1-15 I went into a restaurant recently to get some lunch, placed my order, took out my wallet to pay, and the person at the register said, you order the same thing every time you come here, don’t you? I thought about answering that’s right, I do, and if that bothers […]

November 30, 2014 – Hanging of the Green Service

Meditation – Christmas is the celebration of history’s great event – when God entered human history in the form of a newborn baby. All of human history had been leading to this great event, but when it took place, it went almost totally unnoticed. Though his coming had for centuries been foretold by the prophets, […]

November 23, 2014 A Holiday Survival Guide


November 23, 2014 John 15:1-14 For some reason, I look forward to going to the mailbox every day. I don’t know why, as it’s usually nothing more than junk mail and bills, but you never know when a surprise may come along. As we near the holidays, the mailbox gets a bit more interesting, as […]

December 29, 2013 – God Is Doing A New Thing


 Isaiah 43:1-3a, 18-19 I have to confess that my brain is a bit slow at coming back online.  The Advent season went by in a blur, but it was certainly a great and meaningful time. How do we get from the beginning of a year to the ending so quickly?  Didn’t we just begin the […]

December 22, 2013 – Christmas Hope


Romans 8:18-25; Matthew 2:6 For your Christmas enjoyment, here is a little humor.  A man walked into a jewelry store to buy his wife a Christmas present.  The clerk showed him a number of nice pieces of jewelry, and he said, those are all very nice, but can you show me something cheaper?  She selected several […]

December 15, 2013 – Christmas Grace


Isaiah 11:1-6; Jeremiah 31:3, 13b One summer early in my high school years, when I attended church camp, one of our counselors gave us a challenge to read four chapters of the Bible every day.  He said if we would read four chapters a day it would help us greatly in our faith and in […]