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May 22, 2016 The Abundant Life: Faith

Today I begin a three-message series called The Abundant Life. Taken from John 10:10, where Jesus says I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly (NASV). It will form around what I refer to as the foundational values of the Christian faith – faith, hope, and love. I wear a bracelet on […]

March 8, 2015 The Road to Easter: Reading the Fine Print


As we are fast-approaching Easter, I will be focusing on the theme of The Journey to Easter for the next five Sundays. Each week we will study some of the events that take place as Jesus draws close to Jerusalem, the crucifixion, and the resurrection. Some of them will be very familiar, and some, perhaps, […]

March 1, 2015 – What Do These Stones Mean?


I grew up in steel and coal country. Steel mills lined the upper Ohio Valley and strip mines cut into the surrounding mountains. My friends and I would often use the strip mines as trails to ride our motorcycles and we would swim in the lakes that formed throughout the old mines (which was a […]

February 15, 2015 Living Between the Mountaintop and the Valley


Attending college in northeast Tennessee meant there were many outdoor activities available. One that I enjoyed was climbing Buffalo Mountain, just outside of Johnson City. There was one particular spot on the mountain that has an absolutely breathtaking view, especially when you walk out onto an overlook of rock that stuck out rather precariously. The […]