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Spiritual Gifts: The Three R’s – Leadership

  Setting aside the politics of the healthcare ruling – if that is possible – think for a moment about the gravity of making such a decision.  We can say a lot of things about the Supreme Court’s decision, but being one of the individuals responsible for that decision is a position of incredible pressure. […]

Spiritual Gifts: The Three R’s – Pastoring


In seminary some years ago one of my professors offered a piece of reality when he told us – 5% of your congregation will think you can walk on water.  Another 5% of your congregation will think you don’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain.  The other 90% just want to […]

Spiritual Gifts: The Three R’s – Encouragement


   I was sitting at an intersection the other day when another vehicle pulled up beside me.  It was one of those intersections where the light takes a long time to change.  I noticed a couple about my age occupied the other vehicle.   He was sitting in the passenger seat, so I had a good […]

Spiritual Gifts – The Three R’s


   There are some people who possess extraordinary abilities.  A classmate of mine in college is a concert-level pianist.  I would marvel at his ability, and though I haven’t heard him play in years, I imagine he has increased in his ability.  He is the kind of person we describe as possessing a real gift. […]

A Well-Ordered Life


One of the things you face when writing sermons is the question of how personal one should be when using illustrations.  By nature, I am not the kind of person who likes to speak about very personal matters, but I want to tell you about a moment that was important to me.  I won’t go […]